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About Us

About Us

We are a membership organization managed by a group of professional business entrepreneurs who are dedicated to serving you

Who our members are


   Individuals, families and corporate entities from around the globe from every walk of life, who are interested in global affairs and want to make a positive difference in the world.


  Expatriates and immigrants from around the world, people who have left their homeland (or have been born in a different country of their parent's origin) in search of a better opportunity in more developed countries so they can live a better life for themselves and help support their loved ones back home.


  Individuals and families from some of the most underdeveloped regions of the world that are living and struggling in their homelands and are seeking assistance to enable them to improve their standard of living for their families and communities.


  In addition, we have many individuals and families from around the world who want to benefit from our products and services to live a better life.


What we do


  We povide educational tools and programs to our members that teach them the skills necessary to succeed in a job or a business of their own.  Education is the clearest path towards individual growth. Entrepreneurial education is especially vital to fueling the growth of developing nations. We have an electronic library that is second to none, that has been selected to provide the absolute best in entrepreneurial education, featuring concepts such as: each person can succeed, improving mindset, changing the mental attitude of the reader, and most importantly the systems and tools to succeed in today’s changing economic environment.


  We identify profitable business opportunities and new technologies that can be exported from the developed economies of the world to the lesser developed ones and implemented by anyone who has a computer or smart mobile phone.


  We either partner with service providers or search out the best companies in the world that provide the most convenient, fastest, low cost money transfer options for our members to help support their loved ones anywhere in the world.


  Through the collective purchasing power of our members we offer discount shopping and discount travel opportunities.


  We are working with service providers to design and implement new electronic and mobile banking technologies to reduce transaction costs for customers and increase the number of people who have access to these critical services. These new technologies use cell phones, satellite and broadband Internet to further increase our global reach. The majority of the global population has until now been excluded from the benefits of globalization.  This must change.  In light of the rapid advances in mobile technology the doors to prosperity will open soon to even the poorest of the poor. It is our utmost desire to teach our members the skills needed to utilize this technology to help themselves and their loved ones to a better and brighter future.


  By utilizing the concepts of micro-financing/micro-credit we open up the pathways and opportunities to substantial access to those at the bottom of the economic scale.  For example, we provide loans and capital to aspiring entrepreneurs to enable them to buy or lease land to farm, open a store in their community, or sell a product or service. In addition we provide equipment such as phones or computers so that they can participate in online business opportunities.


  We provide immediate philanthropic support to children and struggling families around the globe.  Utilizing our revenues we support the development of infrastructure within communities such as developing clean drinking water, sanitation, medical health facilities and public transportation.  Through our philanthropic efforts we are making an immediate difference for children that we sponsor to ensure that they have adequate nutritious food, health care, education and shelter.


  We provide a forum for intelligent expression and discussion.  Each of our members has the opportunity to participate in expressing their ideas or suggestion to a global audience on how to improve the global economic situation and the standard of living of communities around the world.  This forum/bulletin board will be open 24 hours/day and available to contribute or to learn from.


Our Goals

Without a vision there is no hope.  Our vision is for a better life for the non-privileged individuals and families of the world.

Our dream is to eliminate global poverty in our lifetime.  We give hope and assistance in fulfilling that dream to so many impoverished families.

Our goal is to develop new entrepreneurial spirit and economic thinking in the minds of our members.  We seek to break the cycle of poverty that exists for hundreds of millions of people around the world by providing for them the education, innovative products and services, systems and tools and management support to help them to support themselves, and to help create a world where the needy have adequate access to economic opportunities and the hope to move beyond poverty.  A self sufficient individual who can support his/her family with the basic necessities of life – adequate food, housing, health care and education, does not need to tear his family apart in order to seek a better life somewhere else.

Instead of waiting for humanitarian assistance (“give the man or woman a fish so he/she can eat tonight”) we want to give every man or woman the ability and possibility to help him/herself (“teach the man/woman how to fish so he/she can eat a lifetime”).  We strongly believe that our greatest challenge is to change the mindset of our members.  If we can change their belief in themselves to know that they too can be successful entrepreneurs, and then provide them with the education and tools they need to succeed, we will create an unstoppable impetus towards sustainable growth in developing economies.


Our emphasis is on sustainability, the driving force that will shape the economies of developing nations in the future.


Why we care

The bottom line is that many global economies are struggling. Hundreds of millions of people around the world continue to live in hunger and poverty while waiting for financial aid.  The world needs better options for the impoverished.  We live in a special moment in time, a time of dramatic change, especially because of the rapid change in technology.  We need to focus attention on what the poor of the world need, what capabilities and assets they might lack.  The upside result, the ripple effect, of helping individuals is that it brings about positive change in the local communities and even their countries towards the development of stronger economies.


How you can help

What will be your greatest legacy?  In this day and age hundreds of millions of people are still trapped in poverty.  We believe that the power of global ideas and our collective efforts can solve this compelling moral issue – and we need your help. If not you and I, then who? And if we don’t make a difference now, then when?  The solution starts right now with our collective effort to bring about change.

Join us today as a member of our Club and be remembered as one of the Founders who collectively joined together to make a positive difference in the world.

Andrea Lucas, PMD, MBA, CPA, CMC, former Director of the World Bank, published author and mentor, is founder and Managing Director of Club Asteria. Andrea has over 30 years experience in finance, management, consulting and international project development in developing nations.  Andrea is a native of Austria, who emigrated to Canada as a young woman, where she learned first hand about the trials and tribulations of being a stranger in a foreign country. Now, this successful entrepreneur is ready to give back to the expatriate community to enrich the lives of the less fortunate.


Director of International Relations for Club Asteria



Hank Needham, Director of Sales and Marketing, is responsible for establishing Country, Regional and Network Team Leaders. Hank has 20 Years experience in building Sales Teams throughout Europe, United States, Asia and Africa with special emphasis in the Network Marketing and Communications Industry.